Apartment buildings in the “Bereke” microdistrict in Atyrau

Area: 47 530.8 m2

Number of apartments: 648

Construction period: September 2019 – September 2020.

Based on the agreement with the city’s Akimat, works on the construction of nine nine-storey apartment buildings with 648 apartments and with total area of 47 530.8 square meters in the Bereke microdistrict are being performed. The construction works are planned to be finished by September 2020.

Residential Complex New City - I stage

New City residential complex (1 stage)

Area of apartments: 68-135 m2 (from 2 to 5 rooms)

Storeys: 9

Number of apartments: 402 

Ceiling height: 3 m

Address: 74 Abulkhair Khan Prospect, Atyrau

New City is a residential complex of enhanced comfort with well designed yards. The complex is situated in a new, actively developing district of Atyrau – microdistrict “Nursaya”. 

Generally, the project presupposes three-staged erection of buildings comprised of 40 entranceways and 1315 apartments. There will be stores and necessary services on the first floors of the buildings.

The first stage will be commissioned in September 2020.

5-storey apartment buildings in the vicinity of Talgairan village in Atyrau

Area: 11 284.5 m2

Number of apartments: 225

Construction period: June 2019 – 2020.

The object is being built in view of the state order.

Active works on the construction of five apartment buildings with 225 apartments and with total area of 11 284.5 square meters in the vicinity of “Talgairan” village.

5-storey apartment buildings in Kulsary city of Zhylyoi region

Area: 20 176.5 m2

Number of apartments: 300

Construction period: May 2019 – August 2020.  

The object is being built in view of the state order.

Construction of five-storey apartment buildings is being performed in Kulsary city of Zhylyoi region. The construction works started in May 2019 and are planned to be finished by August 2020.

New City residential complex (2 stage)

Area: 35 492  m2

Number of apartments: 403

Construction period: January 2020 - January 2021.

The project presupposes modern architectural solutions, well designed comfortable yards with playgrounds and sports venues, designer lobbies with pram storage rooms.

Elaborate layout of apartments with 2 to 5 rooms.


Area: 25 608.96 m2

Capacity: 290 children per each kindergarten

One of the Company’s socially significant projects is the construction of ten modern kindergartens in Atyrau one of which will be situated in the vicinity of New City residential complex.

The project provides:

•           Equipped premises of various designations.

•           Playgrounds with safe covering for children.

•           Greenery.

Holiday Inn Hotel complex 

Area: 11 852 m2

Address: 92 Abulkhair Khan Prospect, Atyrau 

Comfort level: 4 stars

The project has been developed under the franchise of the international corporation called “Intercontinental Hotel Group”. The hotel complex consists of 2 units: Unit A – 8 floors, Unit B – 2 floors. On the ground floor there are additional services planned, including a luxurious restaurant, an authentic bar, a banquet hall and modern conference rooms. Hotel rooms will occupy the space from the second to the eighth floor. The servicing will be carried out by our own service company with the involvement of professional managers from Turkey.

Apple Orchard Project in Turkestan region 

Total Area: 150 Hectares

Construction period: 2020 –  2022

This is a modern agricultural project aimed at high-tech fruit growing using the latest methods and tools. The intensive orchard will be equipped using the latest Italian technology. The planned area of ​​the apple orchard is 150 hectares.

The company intends to build a fruit storage facility with a capacity of 5,000 tons with an area covering ​​3 hectares.