Modern shopping and entertainment centre

Area: 65 611 m2

Address: 85 Abulkhair Khan Prospect, Atyrau

Construction period: beginning of 2021

The concept design has been developed by International architect “Chapman Taylor”. The project represents a vast territory of shopping, entertainment and recreation spaces and shopping gallery with well-known fashion brands. Also, the mall areas includes a cinema, a children's park and various types of food serving units – from the food court to elegant restaurants.

Modern fitness centre in Atyrau

Area: 6 500 m2

Storeys: 2

Adjacent to the territory of New City residential complex there will be a new modern fitness centre with fully equipped gyms, premises for different group activities and a pool. Residents of new district will be able to use all the facilities of the new recreation complex.

Private school for 1000 students in Atyrau

Construction period: Construction is scheduled for 2021.

A private school project for 1000 students in the city of Atyrau is planned.