Modern shopping and entertainment centre

Area: 65 611 m2

Address: 85 Abulkhair Khan Prospect, Atyrau

Construction period: beginning of 2021

The concept design has been developed by International architect “Chapman Taylor”. The project represents a vast territory of shopping, entertainment and recreation spaces and shopping gallery with well-known fashion brands. Also, the mall areas includes a cinema, a children's park and various types of food serving units – from the food court to elegant restaurants.

Modern fitness centre in Atyrau

Area: 6 500 m2

Storeys: 2

Adjacent to the territory of New City residential complex there will be a new modern fitness centre with fully equipped gyms, premises for different group activities and a pool. Residents of new district will be able to use all the facilities of the new recreation complex.

Residential complex of Nursaya district in Atyrau city

Area: 63 380 m2

Number of apartments: 777

Storeys: 9-12-16

The project consists of three stages with total area of 63 380 m2, with 9, 12 and 16 storeys buildings.

Units A, B – COMFORT (III CLASS), includes parking


Private school for 1000 students in Atyrau

Construction period: Construction is scheduled for 2021.

A private school project for 1000 students in the city of Atyrau is planned.

Luxerious apartments complex

Area: 12 614.8 m2

Number of apartments: 105

Address: 92 Abulkhair Khan Prospect, Atyrau 

Storeys: 7 (Apartments with 2-4 rooms)

Comfort level: 4 stars

The main idea of the project is to provide the most comfortable accommodation conditions with hotel services, given the growing demand for quality rental housing for engaged employees and guests of big companies. The concept provides the use of modern, environmentally friendly facade materials. The territory will be improved with greenery, children's playgrounds and parking areas.