Area: 146 728,5 m2

Storeys: 9-16

Number of apartments: 1416

Address: corner of Madenova street and 85 Abulkhair Khan Prospect, Atyrau

The new Company project which engaged the well-known Kazakhstan bureau “INK Architects” as the main architect. A special attention was paid to the planning of pedestrian and walking areas for which a unique landscape design was developed. A stand alone architecture includes spacious open layouts, the use of environmentally friendly materials, the latest technologies and developed infrastructure.

New City business-class residential complex (2 stage)

Area: 35 492  m2

Number of apartments: 403

Construction period: Nov 2020 - Sept 2022

The project presupposes modern architectural solutions, well designed comfortable yards with playgrounds and sports venues, designer lobbies with pram storage rooms.

Elaborate layout of apartments with 2 to 5 rooms.

Business-class residential complex in Nur-Sultan JM City Dom-Park

Area: 70 188.1 m2

Number of apartments: 765

Modern shopping and entertainment centre

Area: 65 611 m2

Address: 85 Abulkhair Khan Prospect, Atyrau

Construction period: beginning of 2021

The concept design has been developed by International architect “Chapman Taylor”. The project represents a vast territory of shopping, entertainment and recreation spaces and shopping gallery with well-known fashion brands. Also, the mall areas includes a cinema, a children's park and various types of food serving units – from the food court to elegant restaurants.

Holiday Inn Hotel complex 

Area: 11 852 m2

Address: 92 Abulkhair Khan Prospect, Atyrau 

Comfort level: 4 stars

The project has been developed under the franchise of the international corporation called “Intercontinental Hotel Group”. The hotel complex consists of 2 units: Unit A – 8 floors, Unit B – 2 floors. On the ground floor there are additional services planned, including a luxurious restaurant, an authentic bar, a banquet hall and modern conference rooms. Hotel rooms will occupy the space from the second to the eighth floor. The servicing will be carried out by our own service company with the involvement of professional managers from Turkey.

Apple Orchard Project in Turkestan region 

Total Area: 150 Hectares

Construction period: 2020 –  2022

This is a modern agricultural project aimed at high-tech fruit growing using the latest methods and tools. The intensive orchard will be equipped using the latest Italian technology. The planned area of ​​the apple orchard is 150 hectares.

The company intends to build a fruit storage facility with a capacity of 5,000 tons with an area covering ​​3 hectares.