The industrial direction of the Holding, combining factories and workshops for the production of construction materials.
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The partnership - founded in 2017 in the city of Atyrau. It has its own production base with a off-loading realway Facility.. Construction materials have certificates of conformity. Our own laboratory is tested annually. The company is equipped with the following production facilities:


1. Two ready-mixed concrete plants:

Stationary - GURISH - 105.

Mobile - MUSTAN - M60.

·        Production of the following grades of ready-mixed concrete: B -30 / M-400 /; B - 25 / M-350 /; B -22.5 / M-300 /; B-20 / M -250 /; B-15 / M-200 /; B -12, / M-150 /; B-7.5 / M -100 /; B-3.5 / M-50 /.

·        Ready-mixed concrete undergoes laboratory tests for compliance with indicators of frost resistance, strength and durability.

·        For deliveries, quality control of the products is carried out and a test report is drawn up for each batch separately, which is provided by our own laboratory.

·        The plant has the ability to sell per day from 860 - 1000 m3 of ready-mixed concrete without fail, with the ability to simultaneously deliver up to 184 m3 of products.

·        There is a warehouse at the base for storage of up to 1000 tons. cement in special silos for uninterrupted supply of products.

·        Storage of water reserves is up to 360 tons.

·        All implemented projects of the Company are built on the basis of its own production facilities.

2. Autoclave gas block production plant

·        Production of the gas block is carried out on modern autoclave equipment with a capacity of 50,000 m3 per year.

·        There is an autonomous steam generator with steam productivity - 14-16 tons.

·        Mills are two units with a capacity of up to 5 tons / day.


3. Workshop for the production of plastic, aluminum windows, doors, stained glass on Turkish equipment SHANTEX.

·        The workshop provides all the construction projects of the company

·        We use profile systems from German manufacturers as well as well-established Russian brands.

·        For external clients an additional service is provided: free measurements, delivery and installation.


4. Workshop for the production of dry building mixtures and paints

Product Types:

·        Tile adhesive

·        Glue for laying gas blocks

·        Leveling plaster

·        Putty finish

·        Primer

·        Water based paints

5. Workshop for the production of reinforced concrete piles of all sizes

·        From 6 to 12 meters with waterproofing

·        864 linear meters per day

The company has its own fleet of new transport and specialized equipment in the amount of more than 100 units.

The company is equipped with its own new transport and specialized equipment in the amount of 100 units. Own vehicle fleet ensures uninterrupted operation in the Holding.

·        Concrete pumps

·        Mixers

·        Loaders

·        Telescopic loaders

·        Forklifts

-     JCBs 

Bobcat loaders


·        Excavators

·        Cranes

·        Tipper trucks

·        Trailers

·        Vacuum trucks

·         Gazelles

Light duty vehicles

The project is in the implementation phase in Atyrau. The production will be located in the Birlik microdistrict of Atyrau, with a capacity of up to 50 thousand square meters of living space per year. The plant project provides for the use of modern technologies for the manufacture of precast concrete products and structures.

Prefabricated reinforced concrete products - an intelligent method of construction, which is successfully used in world practice today.


In the manufacture of precast concrete, most of the work is done at the factory, and not at the construction site. As a result, construction productivity and quality are improved. Reduced time costs. Precast concrete products are excellent for construction of all types of buildings: residential, commercial, industrial, public and others. These products require less cement, water, steel and labor costs, in contrast to similar monolithic elements. The use of prefabricated reinforced concrete is a more environmentally friendly method of construction, since in the production there is a lower emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Moving materials is an easier process that requires less scaffolding. Precast concrete is not dependent on climatic conditions. For our clients an additional service is presented: free measurements, delivery and installation.